To Be A Good Presenter

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

There are seven tips to be A good presenter

1)      Don’t overload the presentation, make it simple

2)      Keep it simple (Don’t put many words, you can use image, title, etc)

3)      Eyes contact

4)      Humor to break the ice

5)      Voice

6)      Try to find out about the audience

7)      Don’t say maybe

The most important thing of all is you have to put in your brain that

‘I am better than the audience’




Ada dua macam ketakutan untuk bicara di depan umum;

1. Ketakutan karena phobia

2. Ketakutan yang wajar

Slamat pagi sahabat alam sejati

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Good morning friends

This is my new web

Please give me suggestion to develop this web